Nam Ou Riverside Hotel & Resort

Biking and Trekking (One day) (see more)

One hour cycling to Pak Ou Village and 4 hours trekking from Ban Kok to old Vang Lae Village then a short boat trip to the Resort.

This is an exciting route for adventurous people, not the hardest but not too easy for you to feel frustrated. Into the woods you will have the “waoh!” feelings as you walk through the small paths, sometimes having no clear sign of the trails, which is why it makes it more interesting.

At 8.30AM, your local guide will meet you at the resort after breakfast. Start off with the mountain bikes for about 45 minutes to 1 hour till Pak Ou Village, you will get across the river to explore the Holy Pak Ou Caves. There you will see thousands of Buddha statues, then you will get across the Mekong River to visit Ban Khok Village to where access is only by boat. In this charming village, you will see how people pass a relaxed life along with the two primary school classes, temple and cave that people believe where “Naga” (mythical serpent) was to protect the village. You will see a hole with ventilation which local people believe is the path way for “Naga” to get to the Nam Ou River. From this village will start a trekking of 4 hours. You will go across local organic farms and walk mostly in the forest. To make your trekking even more interesting you will have the opportunity to climb a steep cliff into the open cave where the local people usually go to catch bats and collect natural materials to make gunpowder. You will stop at a nice place to have your lunch. We will give your picnic box lunch. After relaxing a while, you will continue the trekking and will pass by some of the terrace rice fields. After reaching the destination place, the old abandoned Vang Lae Village, you will take a long tail boat back to the resort.

Tips: Pack very light as you will be walking through the forest and mountains.

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101 64 51 47 41 39 37 36 35 34 33 32

These rates include

  • Transportation Mountain bikes and boat as mention
  • Meals as picnic Lunch
  • Local guide as porter
  • English speaking guide
  • Drinking water
  • Government tax

Not included

  • Tips
  • Insurance
  • Private expense

All prices are listed at PER PERSON rates in US Dollars for the above itinerary. Any adjustments to the itinerary may raise or lower rates accordingly. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

Biking and kayaking (One day) (see more)

After breakfast at the Resort, you will be given your bicycle and helmet. Our guide will help you make any necessary adjustments to the bicycle to ensure your comfort and ease of riding. You can place any belongings that you would like to have with you for the day (but not carry yourself) in our support vehicle, which will never be too far away in case you need something from it, or would like to take a break from biking.
The first part of our bike trip will be on a dirt road. After around 15 minutes, we will arrive at the paved road in Ban Somsanuk.

We will go north on this road for two hours to Ban Pak Jeck, a Lao Theung or Khmu village, one of the main ethnic group, normally living on the slopes of mountains in Laos.

Here, we will get into our kayak and begin our journey down the Nam Ou River. While we paddle downstream, we will pass many different minority villages. We’ll see beautiful landscapes and many farms of different kinds along the river.
Whenever you are hungry, you can stop for a picnic lunch. Anytime you would like to stretch your legs or rest your arms, you can pull over for a break or a little land exploration. We will spend three hours on the water before arriving back in Ban Vang Lae. We will disembark at Nam Ou Riverside Hotel & Resort.

The End of Service.


Guets must know how to swim.


1 pax 2 pax 3 pax 4 pax 5 pax 6 pax 7 pax 8 pax Supplement for single kayak
104 72 62 57 54 51 50 49 25 USD

Included in the rate:

  • Transfer of the kayak to departure point of kayak
  • 2 persons per kayak and kayaking as per the itinerary
  • 1 mountain bike per person
  • 1 picnic box per person
  • Local English speaking guide
  • Drinking water

Not included in the rate:

  • Supplement for single kayak for 25 USD
  • Insurance
  • Tips
  • Private expenses
  • Expenses not mentioned above.

Discover Nam Ou River on long tail boat (see more)

As we are not far away from the Pak Ou Caves, about 7 Km by boat to there, and this part of Nam Ou River is very beautiful with 2 charming villages on the way, this boat trip is one of our main activities.

After breakfast at the Resort, about 10am we embark on long tail boat (if you are less than four persons, otherwise on Nam Ou Baot) to Ban at Hat Kham, a village that escapes the usual tourist trail. Here you get to experience a local distillery. Local people produce rice whiskey. You may taste the liquor but be warned, it’s very strong. You will see the life of local people, the school and old hanging bridge. Afterwards we proceed to the boat and head downstream on Nam Ou River. We pass stunning scenery to Ban Khok Village where access is only by boat. In this charming village you will see how people pass a relaxed life, along with the two primary school classes, temple and cave that people believe where “Naga” (mythical serpent) was to protect the village. You will see a hole with a ventilation which local people believe is the path way for “Naga” to get to the Nam Ou River. Next up you will travel across the Mekong River on long on boat to visit the famous Holy Pak Ou Caves of Luang Prabang. There are two caves there: the lower cave called Tham Ting and the upper cave called Tham Poum, where you will see thousands and thousands of Buddha Images in different sizes and styles which have been put there over several years. When local peoples wishes became true they would offer Buddha Images of their day of birth to the Caves or put them there for special events such as Lao New Year. The upper-cave, Tham Pum, is dark, so a torch(flashlight) is a necessity. These can be rented at the front of the cave.
After the cave visit you will cross the Mekong River once again to visit the Pak Ou Village, a popular village where you may have lunch at a local restaurant. You will then then travel by boat back to Nam Ou Riverside Hotel & Resort.
End of Service

Rate in USD Round trip:
1 person: 40 USD
2 persons: 70 USD
3 persons: 90 USD
4 persons: 120 USD

Included in the rate:

  • Long tail boat for the excursion as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Boatman

Excluded in the rate:

  • Pak Ou Caves entrance fee
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Eventual tip
  • Personal expenses
  • Other expenses not mentioned above.

Nam Ou River Fishing Experience (see more)

Two hours Fishing on the Nam Ou River

A unique fishing experience using only local equipment and no modern techniques. You will learn how villagers fish for their daily catch.

You will use two types of nets: the cast net, locally called “Hae” and the gill net, locally called “Mong”.

Using cast net: our local fishing expert will teach you how to use their traditional net which opens into a circle upon throwing and landing in the water. The lead rings attached to the edge weigh it down on the river bed catching the fish. You will then walk along the river bank from downstream to upstream and catch fish with the cast net.

Using gill net: You cast out the net and then board a boat where you hit the water with bamboo sticks to chase the fish to the net. You will also learn how to captain a local boat.

Dinner will be your catch of the day, delicious Mekong fish.

Our fishing trip will prove a memorable and tasty experience.

15 USD per person. Maximum 2 persons.