Nam Ou Riverside Hotel & Resort

Discover Nam Ou River on long tail boat

As we are not far away from the Pak Ou Caves, about 7 Km by boat to there, and this part of Nam Ou River is very beautiful with 2 charming villages on the way, this boat trip is one of our main activities.

After breakfast at the Resort, about 10am we embark on long tail boat (if you are less than four persons, otherwise on Nam Ou Baot) to Ban at Hat Kham, a village that escapes the usual tourist trail. Here you get to experience a local distillery. Local people produce rice whiskey. You may taste the liquor but be warned, it’s very strong. You will see the life of local people, the school and old hanging bridge. Afterwards we proceed to the boat and head downstream on Nam Ou River. We pass stunning scenery to Ban Khok Village where access is only by boat. In this charming village you will see how people pass a relaxed life, along with the two primary school classes, temple and cave that people believe where “Naga” (mythical serpent) was to protect the village. You will see a hole with a ventilation which local people believe is the path way for “Naga” to get to the Nam Ou River. Next up you will travel across the Mekong River on long on boat to visit the famous Holy Pak Ou Caves of Luang Prabang. There are two caves there: the lower cave called Tham Ting and the upper cave called Tham Poum, where you will see thousands and thousands of Buddha Images in different sizes and styles which have been put there over several years. When local peoples wishes became true they would offer Buddha Images of their day of birth to the Caves or put them there for special events such as Lao New Year. The upper-cave, Tham Pum, is dark, so a torch(flashlight) is a necessity. These can be rented at the front of the cave.
After the cave visit you will cross the Mekong River once again to visit the Pak Ou Village, a popular village where you may have lunch at a local restaurant. You will then then travel by boat back to Nam Ou Riverside Hotel & Resort.
End of Service

Rate in USD Round trip:
1 person: 40 USD
2 persons: 70 USD
3 persons: 90 USD
4 persons: 120 USD

Included in the rate:

  • Long tail boat for the excursion as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Boatman

Excluded in the rate:

  • Pak Ou Caves entrance fee
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Eventual tip
  • Personal expenses
  • Other expenses not mentioned above.