This is an exciting route for adventurous people, not the hardest but not too easy for you to feel frustrated. Into the woods you will have the “waoh!” feelings as you walk through the small paths, sometimes having no clear sign of the trails, which is why it makes it more interesting.

A 1 hour biking and 4 hours of paddling the Nam Ou and its impressive karst fomations to continue on the mythical Mekong River, visiting on the way the sacred caves of Pak Ou. A full day unbelievable experience that can be mixed with 1 hour of elephant trekking & bathing.

A unique fishing experience using only local equipment and no modern techniques. You will learn how villagers fish for their daily catch. You will use two types of nets: the cast net, locally called “Hae” and the gill net, locally called “Mong”.

As we are not far away from the Pak Ou Caves, about 7 Km by boat to there, and this part of Nam Ou River is very beautiful with 2 charming villages on the way, this boat trip is one of our main activities. We will discover the real way of life of “the people of the river”.

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