Two hours Fishing on the Nam Ou River

A unique fishing experience using only local equipment and no modern techniques. You will learn how villagers fish for their daily catch. You will use two types of nets: the cast net, locally called “Hae” and the gill net, locally called “Mong”.

Using cast net:

Our local fishing expert will teach you how to use their traditional net which opens into a circle upon throwing and landing in the water. The lead rings attached to the edge weigh it down on the river bed catching the fish.

You will then walk along the river bank from downstream to upstream and catch fish with the cast net.

Using gill net:

You cast out the net and then board a boat where you hit the water with bamboo sticks to chase the fish to the net. You will also learn how to captain a local boat. Dinner will be your catch of the day, delicious Mekong fish. Our fishing trip will prove a memorable and tasty experience.

15 USD per person. Maximum 2 persons.

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